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Salute 2020 HD

Once in a blue moon there comes an athlete that changes the sport forever- a legend. Tom Brady is doing it for football, John Florence for surfing and Henrik Harlaut for freeskiing.
SALUTE is a 2 years ski movie project by Henrik Harlaut showcasing his dedication, history and unique lifestyle. His lifestyle led to his dominance in nearly every discipline of the sport of freeskiing (from Competitions, to the streets and the backcountry) alongside some of the World best skiers. Henrik’s approach and outlook on his true love is one you rarely see. To love and live a sport means to devote yourself completely to it. The discipline and drive required are often forgotten by the audience: they see the final product but rarely think about what it took to get there. With this movie, Henrik wants to pay tribute to old legends of the sport, especially when it comes to style and filming .This is a SALUTE to Freeskiing.
SALUTE - a 30 minute film by Henrik Harlaut
Riders: Henrik Harlaut, Oystein Braaten, Karl Fosvedt, Jacob Wester, Chris Logan, Sammy Carlson, Clayton Vila, Noah Albaladejo, Cam Riley, Oscar Wester, Tom Ritsch, Isaac Simhon, Valentin Morel, Morten Grappe
Locations: Jackson Hole (USA), Chamonix (FRA), Mt Baker (USA), Grandvalira (Andorra), Minnesota, Riksgransen (SWE)
In addition to SALUTE, the following films are also shown: SKIVAS, a film by Coline Ballet-Baz (12 min); DEVIATE, a film by Jossi Wells and Torin Yater Wallace (8 min); MADE IN VOYAGE, a film by Picture Organic Clothing (25 min).
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